High Vibrational Thinking -                                     Realising Your Potential
High Vibrational Thinking…… The Answer         
Currently we are living in a world where dysfunction is evident everywhere we look. Crime, drug abuse, vandalism, bullying, racism, cruelty, violence, greed, corruption, oppression, poverty and even war are reaching epidemic proportions across the planet. Not to mention an economic meltdown of titanic proportions. The world is engulfed by the most destructive plague ever witnessed by man and this plague is the core reason for all of this chaos. It comes from the mind of man and its called negative thinking.
Nobody is untouched by the negative energy generated by this low vibrational form of thinking, as it reaches into every quarter of our lives. It is a time of great distress and unbelievable trauma that we are living through. People the world over are calling for something to be done.
Many groups have gathered and they are crying out for less violence, an end to racism, save the environment, stop bullying, no more war, more respect in society etc. They protest against how it is and call for an end to the suffering, but what they don’t realise is they are never going to change anything. Their energy and good intentions are wasted because something else must change first. They are trying to change individual dysfunctions, which are manifesting in many different forms all around us when there is really only one thing that needs to change. If this one thing is changed everything will then automatically fall into place. 
All the energy that is currently wasted on protesting against individual dysfunctions needs to be directed into one common cause. It needs to focus on the real answer and this will cure everything. Pursuing an individual dysfunction with vigour and passion simply moves it to somewhere else or it manifests in another form. Don’t give any energy to dysfunctions just accept that they are there for the moment and focus on the true catalyst for change.
All of the dysfunctions are just a by product of the vibrational range that we as a planet are currently inhabiting. By vibrational range I mean the current vibrational frequency that the world exists at. This includes everything, humans, animals, plants, rocks, thoughts, emotions, feelings etc, in one collective energy mass.  This mass of energy collectively vibrates at a particular frequency and that’s what we need to change.
If you imagine the world in terms of one human being, it could in its current vibrational state be likened to an alcoholic or drug addict, unable to function in normal society.  He would have to undergo therapy to rid himself of his negative thinking and this in turn would help raise his self-esteem, getting his life back on track.  Raising his self-esteem means raising his vibration, it’s the same thing. You see it’s his negative thinking that holds his energy vibration down. And when your energy vibration is held down through habitual negative thinking, everything goes wrong in your life. You can see the problems manifesting in every area.
Of course we are not all this negative in our thinking and I don’t attach any blame somebody who may have had a particularly difficult life path but in general we are all thinking far too negatively. It has been bred into us and cemented there throughout our lives by our environment, society, the media and passed on down through our family. It has become habitual and ingrained and very difficult to break free from.
This negative programming that we all carry has plunged the world into a low vibrational zone where chaos and fear dominate. Collectively speaking the world right now is like an alcoholic or drug addict struggling to function in any sort of normal way. We are the reason for all the problems and its caused by our negative thinking. The human race is in general thinking too negatively and we see before us the results.
To change things you need to focus initially on yourself absorbing the concept of high vibrational thinking and then pass this information on to as many other people as you can. Changing the world starts with you changing yourself, you raising your energy vibration.
Everybody knows we live in a world that is made from pure energy and we all know that energy vibrates at a frequency. Science tells us that positive energy vibrates at a high frequency and negative energy vibrates at a low frequency.
It’s quite simple, to have a less negative world we must raise the vibration of the planet. That means teach everybody the basic principles of high vibrational thinking, which will automatically empower them to have more control over negative energy in their lives. Each individual becoming slightly less negative in their thinking and actions will begin to move the world into a new era. When enough individuals take this step critical mass will be reached and then the world will automatically jump up to a new vibration where negativity can no longer exist in the way that we see it today. That means less of all of the dysfunctions we are currently experiencing. Trying to change things by protesting about them just pushes the problem underground or to somewhere else. If you are living in a negative zone you will experience negativity, to change things you must move to a more positive zone.
You don’t have to do much just understanding high vibrational thinking is enough. You see once you know how it all works you cant just forget it, you automatically start thinking in a slightly less negative way. You become empowered with an element of control that you didn’t have before. This automatic reaction gives you awareness and enables you to notice negativity when it enters your life. The act of noticing breaks its momentum and diffuses its power, instead of it taking you over and playing out its drama. In a short time you will notice less negativity as you begin to gently rise up to a new vibrational level. You can see the results on the physical level by fewer problems and more things working out for you.
This is all it will take to begin moving the world forward into a bright new era. An era where a more positive world will emerge, you will see more joy, happiness, understanding, compassion and love. The world will exist in a higher vibration where all the negative stuff can’t survive. This is how you really change things and this is where our energy and focus needs to be directed.
We each have a responsibility to clean up our act, we must learn to think in a more high vibrational way. We must clear our minds of the habitual negative thinking that we do and replace it with positive thinking. The first step in achieving this is to understand High vibrational thinking.
''Be the change you wish to see in the  
World'' - Mahatma Gandhi