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'High Vibrational Thinking is more than just stepping positive thinking up to another level, it gives us a new perspective, a new way of thinking.
A way of thinking that enables us to create a brand of simplified psychology that can help people across the World'.
Steve Wharton 

Whatever your needs, Personal, Professional or Sports HVT can help. A simple but incredibly powerful concept that shines a bright new light on any subject that it is applied to. Improvement is guaranteed with HVT, in every area of your life.   
Following is our 'How to Stop Bullying' for young people plus a simple booklet for parents to understand the importance of a child's first six years.
How to Stop Bullying                                          
This book will teach you how to stop being a bully or getting bullied, by changing the way that you think.  First we will look at ‘High Vibrational Thinking’ and how this concept makes it easier for us to understand exactly what we need to do.  Then we will look at your ‘inner resistance’ and how this has a negative affect on your life. Then we will adapt what we have learned to bullying, which will enable you to see clearly why your ‘inner resistance’ is having a negative affect.  Finally this is followed by the ‘Notebook Method’, which is a simple technique to enable you to begin altering your thinking process and release and cleanse your ‘inner resistance’.                               
HVT (High-Vibrational Thinking)              
HVT (High-vibrational thinking) is a new and very simple way to look at our world, first we need to understand that we live in a world of energy. Everything that you can see is not really solid at all, it is made up from atoms, which are tiny particles that consist of a nucleus in the centre with electrons and protons whizzing around the nucleus. These atoms are ‘buzzing’ and ‘vibrating’. Everything is made from atoms including us, concrete walls, houses, animals, cars, trees, plants, food, clothes you name it and if you looked at it closely enough (under a powerful microscope) you will find it is made from atoms. So we are not as solid as we think and neither is everything else that we observe in our world. It is actually made from energy and like all forms of energy everything is constantly vibrating. 
Science tells us that in our world the fastest vibrating energy that we know is LOVE and the slowest vibrating energy that we know is FEAR.    Love has a short fast wavelength  Fear has a long slow wavelength     
When we feel good our energy field vibrates at a fast rate, when we feel bad our energy field vibrates at a slow rate. So the closer that our energy field vibrates to the vibration of LOVE the happier we feel and the faster we are vibrating. The closer our energy field vibrates to the energy of FEAR the unhappier we feel and the slower we are vibrating. This is why we say we are ‘buzzing’ or ‘high’ when we feel good and also why we say we are ‘down in the dumps’ or ‘flat as a pancake’ when we feel bad, we are simply talking about our energy vibration. 
Thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us feel good like laughing, honesty, joy, peace and success etc are high-vibrational, they lift up our vibration, so that’s why we feel happy when our mind is filled with these things. Thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us feel unhappy like anger, jealousy, hate, fear and greed etc are low vibrational, they drag down our vibration, so that’s why we feel unhappy when our mind is filled with these things. So that’s easy enough to understand the higher our energy field is vibrating the better we feel and the easier our life will be because all the low vibrational negative stuff exists in the lower vibrations. 
Of course everyday is a roller coaster ride up and down the energy spectrum, as we go about our daily life experiencing many positive and negative events and situations. The trick is to be less emotionally entangled in the low vibrational stuff and it will drag you down less, it will have a less damaging affect if you don’t buy into it.  
Inner Resistance
Your ‘inner resistance’ is the negative energy that you carry within.  Everybody has this and it is created in the main, in the first five or six years of our lives. During this very sensitive and formative time period we are operating similar to a computer and downloading data. Everything that we experience and are taught we readily absorb and this information is not always of a positive nature.  
The main source of our ‘early years information download’ is our parents, close family and social environment. Our early experiences are accepted without question, as we soak up whatever is going on around us and accept that this is how the world works.
We believe what we see and hear and from this exposure to data we begin forming our opinions and beliefs, opinions and beliefs that will affect the rest of our lives.  The down side is that we are often exposed to negative energy, which plays out in the dramas that we witness taking place. Anger, hate, fear, frustration, worry, stress, violence, greed, anxiety, selfishness, envy, suffering and pain of all kinds are the energies that we can pick up through the everyday experiences that we are exposed to.
As well as experiencing this type of energy in our close home environment we are also subject to TV programmes, computer games, the media and DVD’s churning out negative energy by the boatload in the name of entertainment.  All of the energies that we experience form what we call our program. At the age of around six-years we more or less stop the downloading and whatever we have downloaded up until that point becomes well and truly entrenched within our mind.
Our program is like a frequency range of energies that we have become used to and accept as where we belong. This program is what dominates our lives and it has positive and negative aspects to it.  A person that has experienced a very positive energy upbringing, which would be loving caring parents, few family arguments, very little exposure to negative energy from the TV, DVD’s, the media and computer games would only have a moderate amount of ‘inner resistance’ or negative energy lodged within their program. 
A person subject to lots of negative energy such as heated family arguments, money problems, a messy divorce, family feelings of frustration, bullying, stress, worry, greed, hatred, negative gossiping and fear could end up with a lot of negative energy lodged within their program, creating a powerful force of ‘inner resistance’.  
This ‘inner resistance’, which is the negative energy part of our program that we have downloaded exerts a powerful influence over us and can in some cases manifest in dysfunctional behaviour, depression or even psychological and physical illness. When we have a very powerful dose of ‘inner resistance’ most of our days can be spent under its influence, feeling down, worried about whatever and in general not so good about life. It can dominate our mind flooding us with a constant barrage of negative thoughts and feelings.
Fortunately most people don’t have that strong a presence of ‘inner resistance’ that it takes over your life completely but you will have enough of a presence that you will be under its influence at sometime everyday of your life. It won’t normally completely dominate your mind chatter but it will occasionally take it over and bombard you with negative thoughts.
Even when you are not aware of it you may be feeling slightly tense just under the surface, this is your ‘inner resistance’ that you are sensing. Its brooding presence is never far away from your conscious awareness. It also springs to life many times during your day when you react to events in a negative way. Maybe you lose your keys and get frustrated and angry because you can’t find them.
Your negative response is your ‘inner resistance’ coming to life and the negative feelings you experience will top up its battery. This is how it stays strong within you by topping up its battery everyday though your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.
You get angry, it recharges its battery. You worry, feel stressed, feel jealous, feel upset, feel depressed, feel irritated, feel envious, feel guilty, feel annoyed or feel disillusioned, you are topping up its battery.  This goes on every day without you realising it and what you are doing is keeping your ‘inner resistance’ strong and powerful within you.
Picture it as a ball of negative energy that lives within you. It is heavy slow vibrating energy and it is holding your vibration down making your life more difficult in the process. This ‘inner resistance’ or ball of negative energy acts like a heavy weight and pulls down your personal energy vibration.
This is because your ‘inner resistance’ is low vibrational and this means it is slow vibrating energy and when it is part of your energy field it will exert an influence. It will pull you down into a lower vibration. So the more powerful your ‘inner resistance’ is, the heavier it is and the more it will drag you down.
The further down you are the more problems you will have in your life, because as we learned through High Vibrational Thinking, all the bad negative stuff exists in the lower vibrational zones.  Developing ‘inner resistance’ is nobody’s fault and it’s something that we all do. Everybody experiences many different levels of negative energy as we grow up. And because we are all different we all respond to it in different ways.
One person may develop a powerful and strong ‘inner resistance’ and another person may hardly be bothered by the same amount of early year’s exposure to negative energy. It depends on many things personality, temperament, sensitivity, character etc. 
In the world as it is today the experience of negative energy is very much a part of life and impossible to avoid. This makes ‘inner resistance’ part of everybody’s life and an influential factor in everything that we do. It has an effect on our relationships, health, financial position, work, the level of success we can achieve and even the level of happiness that we can attain.  
It reaches into every area of our lives and has a damaging affect, to change things for the better you must weaken and get rid of the ‘inner resistance’ you hold within.       
Now you understand High-vibrational thinking and how your ‘inner resistance’ works we will look at how this can sometimes turn a person into a bully. A bully is a person that has a strong ‘inner resistance’ influencing their life. This strong negative force within exerts a powerful influence and drags the person down into the lower vibrational zones. They spend more time than most people in the lower vibrations and this is an unhappy place to spend your time.  
You will be surrounded and affected by lots of negative energies and this exposure to negative energy has an affect on you. You may feel unhappy a lot of the time, unworthy, miserable, not as good as other people. This unhappy state that you are in more often than most is fuelled by your constant negative thoughts and feelings a by-product of existing in the lower vibrations.   
It’s a difficult place to pull yourself up from but of course sometimes you will feel okay but too often you will not. It’s the heavy weight you carry within, that ball of negative energy, your ‘inner resistance’ that is dragging you down and this can result in dysfunctional behaviour. That behaviour might be bullying and without even realising it many bullies are bullying other people because it makes them feel a little better, just for a moment. The short term lift the bully gets is because he / she suddenly feels strong and powerful when they make somebody else feel unhappy and down.
As the victim drops in vibration the bully feels a quick uplift in vibration. It’s a cruel way to make yourself feel better but many bullies don’t even realise that they are doing it; this behaviour to them is as natural as breathing. It’s a way that they survive and get from day to day. The quick buzz they get from making somebody feel unhappy doesn’t last very long and then it’s on to the next victim.
The temporary uplift in vibration is soon lost, as their ‘inner resistance’ begins to dominate their thoughts again and pull them back down the vibrations. You see a lift in vibration from outside of yourself is always temporary because of your ‘inner resistance’, it may be silenced for a short while but it wont be long before the short term buzz wears off and your ‘inner resistance’ takes over your thinking again. The only way to get a permanent lift is to get rid of your ‘inner resistance’ and lighten the load from within.  
The bully is the one with the problem and it’s not their fault that they have ended up being a bully it is just a result of the negative energies that they have been subject to, as they have gone through their life.   That’s all bullying is, it doesn’t matter what they do to bully you, it’s all done to get the same result, ‘to make you feel bad’. Whether it’s nasty text messages, calling you on face book, spreading rumours, ganging up on you, stealing your things, hitting you, calling you names because you are a different skin colour, hair colour or anything. It’s all about one thing, ‘making you feel unhappy’ so that they can feel better and get that short term buzz. The bully is the one who needs help the most, they are unhappy and controlled by their ‘inner resistance’.
They are the person that has the biggest problem. Bullies need to release and get rid of their ‘inner resistance’ so that they can stop hurting other people and feel better about themselves.  If they could change their ‘inner resistance’ to a more positive version they would suddenly stop bullying. Bullying is simply a negative behaviour pattern that is created by a strong ‘inner resistance’. It really is sad to be a bully because they are unhappy most of the time.
Bullies are really weak and helpless, not strong and powerful as they pretend to be. Victims of bullying also feel bad due to getting bullied and this may have created an even stronger and heavier ‘inner resistance’ within them. They too need to release their ‘inner resistance’ so that they can get back tofeeling good again.
The negative attacks from a bully or bullies drags down their energy vibration and it feels horrible in the lower vibrational zones. the ‘Notebook Method’ will help victims and bullies. Now when you see a bully you will know why they are doing it. They are unhappy because of the ‘Inner Resistance’ they carry. And the best way to deal with a bully is not to let their nasty words or actions bother you.  They can only hurt you if you ‘feel’ hurt.
This is what they are trying to do, make you ‘feel’ hurt. If you think ‘I know the bully is the one with the problem and I will not let them make me ‘feel’ hurt’, then they can’t hurt you. It’s the ‘feeling hurt’ that they need you to experience for them to get the boost in vibration. Remember you have a choice, ‘feel’ hurt or not.
Why should you let this person drag you down because they don’t feel good? Let them keep the bad feelings, the negative energy, because they can only get a boost if you ‘feel’ hurt. If you refuse to ‘feel’ hurt they get nothing from you and they will soon stop attacking you because it won’t be working for them. It only works for them if you ‘feel bad’. You know they are the one with the real problem so let them keep it and train yourself not to react.  
A good way to teach yourself not to ‘feel hurt’ is the ‘magic mirror’ exercise. It’s very easy to do. Just imagine a big mirror between you and the bully and when the bully says nasty things to you, imagine the nasty words bouncing off the mirror and shooting back at the bully. This works very well just practice it and see.        
See the bully’s nasty words bounce off the mirror)  You should still tell someone you are getting bullied because the bully needs help so they can stop their negative behaviour. Method to eradicate your ‘Inner Resistance.’ When we look at your ‘inner resistance’ and High-Vibrational Thinking together we can see that someone with weak ‘inner resistance’ in general exists at a higher vibrational level than somebody with strong ‘inner resistance.’ They have less of a heavy weight dragging them down.  
How to eradicate your ‘Inner Resistance?’ 
Training yourself to consistently think in a more high-vibrational way about yourself, other people and the world around you is how you weaken and eradicate your ‘Inner Resistance’. To achieve this you must change your early years programming.  I will show you one simple method to achieve this, it’s called the notebook method.  The ‘Notebook Method’ 
Get yourself a small notebook and write down every time that you notice yourself feeling negative (angry, frustrated, worried, tense, scared, depressed, anxious, jealous, envious, hateful, hurt, upset, irritated, annoyed, depressed, unhappy etc).
Keep your notebook on you at all times and keep an eye on how you feel, so that you can notice when you feel negative.  It maybe a nasty comment from somebody, stress from losing something, jealous of a friend, an argument with someone, feeling down because of money problems or even just your own thoughts of doom and gloom ticking over making you feel not so good.
Whatever it is write it down.   Entries may look something like this: So and so said something nasty about me, I feel down. Had a fight with my friend, I am upset. I have no money, I feel stressed. Somebody stole something from me, I am angry.  Lost my keys, I am frustrated 
I could go on all day as you can see there are endless little niggles that pop up all of the time and most of the time we allow ourselves to feel some form of negativity, we just do it automatically. This is what you must stop. It’s this daily engaging in negative energy that is keeping the negative energy within you strong.
You are topping up its battery all of the time, you are constantly recharging your ‘inner resistance.’ Stop reacting and your ‘inner resistance’ will start losing its power and eventually fizzle away. It’s the strong emotional reactions like outbursts of anger and intense worrying that give it a powerful super charge.
And your endless repetitive negative thoughts and feelings about whatever that give it a constant trickle charge of negativity.    If you didn’t allow yourself to feel bad when the daily niggles are happening your ‘inner resistance’ would weaken and your energy vibration would rise.  By noticing your thoughts, feelings and emotions you are stopping it in its tracks and this will begin to weaken the negative energy within you.
Over time you will start feeling better and better, as you slowly rise in vibration. You are re-programming your mind with a more high-vibrational program, you are releasing your ‘inner resistance’ and cleansing your energy field all you have to do is teach yourself to monitor your thinking.  This means everything in your life will improve, you see the higher your vibration the better everything is.
You will in general be vibrating at the vibrational levels where the better stuff is. Happiness, fun, joy, laughter, kindness, success and love don’t exist at the lower-vibrational levels you can only feel or experience them when your vibration rises. So you will be happier more often and you will exist where the good stuff is more of the time. 
You will find that when you get your vibration up everything works better and your problems seem a lot smaller. You get on better with everybody, have more friends, feel much better and are a lot more successful in whatever you are doing. It is possible that when you employ the ‘Notebook Method’ you may find you have the occasional bad dream.
Where you wake up feeling frightened, stressed, and angry or whatever, this is your ‘inner resistance’ trying to get its charge during your sleep. It happens because you have slowed down its charge during the day by following the method and it is losing the inner battle.
This should be regarded as a good sign that you are on the right track. Treat the bad feelings in your dream exactly the same as during your day and write them down and try to detach from the feelings.                 
Everything is energy and all energy vibrates.
The higher our energy vibrates the better we feel and the better life is.
Our ‘inner resistance’ is the negative energy that we carry within.
Our early year’s data download is what created our ‘inner resistance’.
To raise our vibration we have to weaken our ‘inner resistance’.
The ‘notebook method’ will help get rid of our ‘inner resistance’.
Bullies hurt other people to make themselves feel better.
Bullies are the people with the problem.
Bullies can’t hurt you if you don’t allow yourself to ‘feel bad’.
Bullies need help.
Science shows us that we live in a world of energy. It’s all atoms and it’s all vibrating with love the fastest vibrating energy and fear the slowest vibrating energy.
This includes us, we may feel solid but like everything else we are atoms and at our core level we are vibrating at a frequency. We vibrate fast when we feel good and slow when we feel not so good.
So the closer we are to the fast frequency of love the better we feel. Like when we are full of joy, laughter, fun, happiness, excitement, etc.
The closer we are to the slow frequency of fear the worse we feel, like when we feel angry, frustrated, disappointed, worried, stressed, irritated, tense, depressed etc.
The higher faster vibrations are where it feels great, the lower slower vibrations are where it doesn’t feel very good.
Everyday we are up and down the vibrations as we experience the many different energies that life throws at us.  
Inner Resistance
As we grow up we are subject to all the different energies in the experiences that we go through in our lives. In this respect the first five or six years are the most important.
This when we soak up everything and lots of the negative energy that we are subject to gets stuck in our personal energy field. This ‘downloading’ eases off after around six years and we are left with a presence of negative energy within us. I call this our inner resistance and the amount of inner resistance that we carry determines our personal energy vibration.
A child brought up in a very negative environment would experience lots of negativity and be left with a strong and powerful inner resistance.
A child brought up in a very positive environment would experience lots of positive energy and be left with a milder version of inner resistance.
Our parents are the most important factor in this because we are with them much of our time in our first six years. Any low vibrational energy such as arguments, anger, frustration, hate, worry, stress and fear that they generate and we experience will damage us for life as we take it on board permanently.
This can burden a child with a heavy powerful dose of inner resistance and this will drag the child’s vibration down holding them permanently in the lower vibrations. Where life will be much more difficult, the lower down you are the harder life is.
A home filled with love, happiness, joy, laughter, fun, consideration, caring, unselfishness, encouragement, discipline, sensible rules, good routines, strict bedtimes etc…. is vitally important to how your child will feel about themselves. Sensible rules and discipline shows your child that you care and that you love them. A lack of rules and discipline they interpret, as you don’t love them and you don’t care.
You are determining the level and strength of ‘inner resistance’ that your child will have through your positive influence. The importance of this cannot be underestimated. Quality time spent playing with your child will help them much more than simply telling them to watch a DVD or entertain themselves with a computer game. Of course there is nothing wrong with computer games (some of them) or DVDs but it’s about getting the balance right. Always try to give them some of your time, as this affirms your love for them.
Try to keep the negative energy out of your home, never argue in front of the children. If you have a disagreement sort it out when the kids are not there. Never let them hear about any problems that you may be having. Every family will experience the everyday ups and downs of life, money issues, health problems, cars breaking down, boilers bursting, washers flooding the kitchen etc. When these things happen accept them without the negativity that is usually generated, frustration, anger, stress, worry, anxiety etc.
It’s important that you do your best to manage your mind and stay positive. Any negative energy that gets into your family home will have a negative impact on your children for life.
Many TV programmes and computer games are filled with negativity. Even the soaps are now massive generators of negative energy. Subjecting your children and indeed yourself to negative energy from your TV set is not good for either of you and if your children are under six-years old the damage can last a lifetime. There are positive options, feel good movies and comedies are a much better form of energy to subject your children to.
Be positive about money and health. Your relationship with money is what they download and become stuck with.
This is how it works; your children absorb your vibrational energy about everything. So be very careful what you subject them to. Even if you are struggling with money don’t show this to them, give the impression that everything is fine and this will help them download a better feeling towards money.

Always tell your child that they are the best, they can do anything if they try, they are wonderful, beautiful, amazing, fantastic, incredible, and most importantly that they are loved.
You can never tell them this enough. Knowing that your parents love you is the most important factor in keeping their inner resistance at a minimum level.
It’s all common sense really negative energy has no place in your home if you are to do the best for your children.
Your job is to ensure that your children have the least possible exposure to negative energy and the maximum possible exposure to positive energy. This will make sure that they grow up with the best vibrational program downloaded into their mind, which means a lower level of ‘inner resistance’. This will then help them feel good about themselves and life in general, which will create the best possible life in the future, free from many of the problems and difficulties that we have all been subject to.
It’s very simple the lower your vibration the harder everything is, stay in the high vibrations and life is wonderful. Create a home for them with as much high vibrational energy as possible, this will give them the least possible ‘inner resistance’ and you will have achieved the greatest success of your life.
Remember the first six years is the most important.
A low level of ‘inner resistance’ means a far easier, happier more successful life.
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