High Vibrational Thinking - RAISING THE VIBRATION
High Vibrational Thinking

To embody and use High Vibrational Thinking (HVT) in your life means to first understand the principles of the concept, which is that everything including us in our physical form is actually at a subatomic level energy and therefore vibrating. Then to understand that love is the fastest vibrating energy that we know and fear the slowest vibrating energy that we know.
Then to act upon that knowledge to always make the effort to choose the most positive (love based, highest frequency), thoughts and feelings possible about any given situation, in other words to always try to keep our mind clear of negative slow vibrational thoughts and feelings and this will ensure that our personal energy field is always vibrating at the highest possible levels.
This will then have the effect of holding us in a vibrational place where negativity is at a minimum therefore improving our lives in every conceivable way. It is a concept that once understood and embodied offers life changing possibilities.

All of the HVT books available explain all of this in detail and offer methods to help manage your mind and train yourself to be more able to hold your vibration at the highest levels.